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Session 10
Autism Spectrum Disorder: Trying to figure out life
Greg Gendron
Supporting Students with Brain Differences: ASD
(This can be taken as part of the "Diverse Learners' Certificate" program or as a stand-alone in-service

Learning Outcomes or a better understanding of...
-Understanding the SPECTRUM or aren't we all unique?
-What is Autism's effect on communication? A Big Bag look at some issues with social communication
-Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-the labels, the features, and the criteria
-Prevalence of Autism
-Intelligence and social intelligence-discrepancies and challenges
-Comorbidities-sometimes more than Autism
-Girls with Autism-are there differences between what we see in girls and boys?
-Challenges for girls with ASD
-The Autistic mind
-Funding and supports Ministry of Education and MCFD
-Why do we want to start young with ASD kids?
-ABA and Discrete Trials
-The sometimes subtle signs of autism
-Supports: Visuals calm down routines and the 5 point-scale
-Relaxation needs to be taught?
-Adult relationships and the future-1 man's perspective
-A kid with ASD breaks down the stereotypes
Greg brings over 20 years of experience in working in the area of special education. During his teaching career he has worked with the Geneva Institute for Autism Research, the University of Calgary, University of Washington, and Northern Lights College. Greg has provided in-service at the school and district level in a variety of areas related to Special Education and Student Support Services in SD67 as well as South and Central Okanagan, Peace River North and South and Prince George. Prior to his teaching career, Greg worked with Community Living in Career Programs, assisted living facilities as a residential counsellor, in community workshops and day programs, and in therapeutic recreation. He also was a therapeutic recreation programmer, athletic club and swim club coach, and local coordinator for a branch of B.C. Special Olympics. 
Intended Audience:
All grade levels all staff that may have contact with an ASD student.