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Session 9
Guitar Skills in the Classroom
Will  Schlackl
The session will focus on basic technique for guitar. The generalist will take away enough material to start teaching a music course using the guitar. The music specialist will learn moveable patterns for improvisation and reading. As well, chord grips for jazz band will be addressed. Teachers of other disciplines will build on their skills to further allow themselves to use music as a vehicle for engaging their students.

Example:  English teachers using songs to teach poetic devices.
Will Schlackl received his Diploma in Jazz Studies from Malaspina University - College and went on to achieve his B.Ed from Simon Fraser University. This is Will's 23rd year as a  public school teacher. In addition, Will runs The Penticton Guitar Program, Rock Skool , and Jazzcool. Currently, Will has over 200 public school students in music and over 40 private students. Will performs in the jazz trio " Cube", rock band  "Jack N Jill", and the rock band for the Vees " Fluxx". He also does vocal  / guitar work on his own and with other fine artists in the Okanagan.
Intended Audience:
Classroom Teachers - Use of guitar as a vehicle to teach any other subject matter

Music Teachers - Techniques to allow the non-trained guitarist to move to the next step